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Hongqi mainly produces blown film machine, printing machine, bag machine and other mechanical equipment, the products sell well all over the country, exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa and other dozens of countries and regions.

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YT-6600/6800/61000 6 Colors Flexo Printing Machine

Model:YT-6600|YT-600|YT-61000 Hotline:86-577-65607682 Foreign trade:86-577-65607673

Product Description

This machine is suitable for printing polyethylene and polypropylene plastic bags, glass paper, roll paper and other packaging materials, being an ideal device for printing food paper packing bags, supermarket hand bags, vest bags, apparel bags, etc.

1.Set the quantity for printing by using a meter counter as required to achieve automatic shutdown after the quantity is reached or materials are interrupted.
2.Lift the plate cylinder by hand, and automatically stir the oil ink after lifting.
3.Transmit the ink by a reticulated cylinder to ensure even color.
4.Use a reliable drying system running at a high speed to automatically break circuits after shutdown.
5.Use a longitudinal registering device being continuously regulated within 360°.
6.Equip the machine with inching and stop buttons on the plate roller seat and material receiving frame for easy operation when installing a plate.

Technical Specifications

Model YT-6600 YT-6800 YT-61000
Max. width of printing material 600mm  800mm  1000mm 
Max. printing width 560mm  760mm  960mm 
Length range of printed product 190-960mm 190-960mm 190-960mm
Max. diameter of roll materials Φ450mm Φ450mm Φ450mm
Printing speed 5~50m/min 5~50m/min 5~50m/min
Thickness of plate (including two-sided glue paper) 2.38mm 2.38mm 2.38mm
Total Power 13kw 15kw 18kw
Weight of Machine 3500 4200 5000
Overall Dimension 3900×1660×2950 3900×1860×2950 3900×2060×2950
The data is subject to change without prior notice.