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Good Product & Fair Price

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Good Product & Fair Price


Dear Customer:   


Rui’an Hongqi Plastic Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, the registered capital of Erqian million, the company plant non-lease, land use rights, plant ownership owned by Ruian Hongqi Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. all. The following real picture is the factory real estate license certificate scanning and a variety of honor patent certificate, if necessary, in our factory, we can provide real estate license and other original. Run a monk can not run the temple, as a product of our quality assurance of one of the machines, welcome to visit the factory to purchase.   

We all know that a real problem, the quality of things done well, certainly the price of natural high, all aspects of steel, electrical appliances are poor, the quality certainly not work. Our slogan is: price is not discounted, service and quality is not discounted.   

Some companies are not the same, the factory rental, maybe after a few months you can not find him. Some companies may talk about the time to give you less two thousand, that give you less than 5,000, but really give you the time to produce equipment for you to cut corners, the quality will be very clear to keep up. There is a difference, resulting in poor quality aftermarket, the loss of heavy ah! So buy equipment Ye Hao, Ye Hao equipment to sell, we must carefully consider, to think twice!
    We are equipped with equipment is running with your buttocks, you run fast, we will follow the back, only you developed, will find us again to buy production equipment, equipment with good, other relatives and friends to see help We make an ad. This is what we want, what we want. So the quality of after-sales service is the most important. We do a good job, and after sale is also easy, do not have a phone today, a phone call, you Shun along with us.