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Enterprise competition, is the talent competition. Hongqi talent strategy from the "fair, competitive, unity, innovation," the value of the core, "people-oriented, only prosperity" business philosophy and "open, fair and fair" management guidelines to guide enterprises and employees common development, The value orientation of wealth.

"Open, fair and equitable" management guidelines
Public: any policy of closely related to the interests of employees, the introduction of the system, have to listen to the views of employees, and in the implementation of supervision.
             Fairness: common values are the basis for fair evaluation of employees; for employees to make clear, challenging goals and tasks, is the basis for the performance of staff evaluation.
             Fair: the remuneration of each employee, to reflect the "internal / external fair" principle; for the development of each employee to provide fair competition opportunities and conditions.

Guide the "common development of enterprises and employees"
To "people-oriented" concept to guide enterprises and employees to develop and respect for the needs of staff career. According to the future development strategy needs of enterprises, combined with the staff's personality characteristics, ability, career interests and other factors, so that employees and enterprises form a community of interests, so that employees share the benefits of enterprise development.

For the community to create wealth value orientation
And constantly enhance the sense of social responsibility, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, nurturing talent, providing space for development and create employment opportunities, should do business to the community obligations.