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Purchase Notice

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Purchase Notice

Buy blown film machine, bag machine, press the customer first need to understand the content
      First: what product is its own material (plastic film).
      Second: the maximum and minimum size of their products, including thickness.
      Third: the use of their own products, is used for packaging or bag or sheet, because the bag and the choice of the model is not the same.
      Fourth: the product requirements are not high, there is no printing or Fumo, etc., the product flatness requirements is not very high, what type of configuration requirements.     

      Blown film machine
      First, the film blowing machine model can be divided according to the width of the general is divided into 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm-3000m range can be customized, the price depends on the model and machine configuration, the higher the price of the machine model.     

Second: blown film machine can also be divided according to the screw model is generally divided into 50, 55, 60, 65 range.
      Bag making machine       First: bag machine and blown film machine according to the width of the model, according to the width of the pricing.
      There are many types of bag machines, such as supermarket shopping bags, even bags, garbage bags, clothing bags, flat pockets, Zifeng Dai, different types of different bag machine naturally different, the specific details can consult our sales staff.     


First: the printing press gravure and relief 2 kinds of printing methods.
      Toppan: the advantages of printing ink environmental protection, plate making low cost, electricity and printing ink low cost, can print a variety of materials, such as: film, paper, non-woven, woven bags and other materials, printing, printing different configurations are different The (Present: letterpress machine development trend is better)     

The disadvantage is that the effect of printing film is not as bright as gravure, easy to operate easily.
      Gravure: the advantages of printing film experts, the effect is good, high-end gravure printing machine can automatically set the computer color, printing speed, easy to operate, get started faster.
      The disadvantage is high electricity, the unit is too long, the ink taste larger, plate making costs are high.     

      Customer Q & A

Q: Can I produce different specifications?
      A: Yes, if you want is 600mm type of equipment, then do within 600mm wide can adjust their own. For example: 20CM 40CM 45CM 50CM 55CM, etc., can be produced.

Q: How do I buy your equipment?
      A: confirm the purchase of our equipment, we will do a formal contract for my company to you, you will need to buy the above product name, trademark, model, manufacturers, quantity, amount, delivery time, installation commissioning, warranty Wait.

Q: How long is the lead time?
      A: standard equipment under normal circumstances, the delivery period is that we receive the deposit, the standard product delivery by row 7-10 days delivery. It is 15-20 days for busy situations.     

      Q: What is the payment method?
      A: 30% of the total amount of the advance payment to do the deposit, the remaining 70% of the balance of acceptance of a qualifying payment before delivery.

Q: Do you want to buy your machinery to teach us?
      A: Yes, the machine to you there for three working days, we will send investigators to you to install the debugging and counseling. These are free and will not be charged for your extra expenses.     


Q: how to deal with the installation and maintenance of bad parts?
      A: The equipment warranty period of one year, parts within a year is broken, as long as the quality problems can be sent back to my company maintenance, can not repair the replacement of the new free, will be the fastest way to you. Will not delay your production, the details can refer to our after-sales service terms.

Q: Does your company have a successful customer visit?     

A: My company's products are sold throughout the country and exported dozens of countries and regions, many customers operating well, but because of peer taboo, customers are generally not willing to let others visit. But we will try to arrange, try to meet your requirements, if it is inconvenient also please understand. If you buy a machine in the company, we will hand you to install the debugging and training techniques or technical staff on-site service, will let you satisfied.     


Q: After the purchase of your machine, how is the transport?     

A: Customers to buy equipment, I provide the Secretary for freight services (customers can also contact their own freight), equipment transport through the logistics company, the cost paid by the customer, the delivery fee to pay. Such as damage during transport, the customer can not first delivery, do not pay the freight, and then notify the Division I Logistics Department, I will work with you to deal with compensation and equipment maintenance matters.     


Q: How to get to your company from Ryan Train Station or downtown terminal?     

A: You only need to contact our sales staff, contact phone: 13806538891, I will arrange for you car driver service. We warmly for your service, sincerely welcome your visit!     


Shipping Process

First, because the machinery and equipment is large and heavy cargo, so the general choice of motor transport.
    Second, the automobile freight picking default preferred, the scope of transport covers the major cities and counties. Peihuo takes time, delivery time may be 2-3 days, please understand. The actual delivery time is subject to the actual delivery time.     

Third, the province direct car, the higher the cost, time is short, prompt delivery.
      Fourth, customers can also go to our factory to pick up their own goods, delivery on behalf of the delivery. Details and customer service contact.
      5, the product after passing the test packaging factory, if the transport of damaged do not sign, and promptly notify the seller, the company will file a claim to the logistics company, all to the interests of customers as the most important. At the same time the company will be the first time for customers to re-free shipping.     

Sixth, after the delivery of the goods, I need to be authorized or authorized on the spot and signed, such as objection to the product, please face to face.     

To ensure that customers buy the rest assured that the use of peace of mind, the full implementation of the whole worry-free service     

sale before sale

Pre-sale services:
      Professional sales staff for you to explain in detail the function and use of the product, and according to the different circumstances of the customer to provide you with such as plant, layout, personnel training and other technical services.     

Business budget and advice.
      Sold in the service:
      Professional and training center to provide you with comprehensive technical advice and training, fully understand the performance characteristics of the product, on-site training practice exercises, so that you not only bought the equipment, but also mastered the technology.     

After-sales service:
      Specially equipped with a group of professional excellent, experienced technical master to track the whole service, to answer customer demand for various problems, but also regularly visit customers.     

Help customers train technical staff.
      1, to provide users with assembly plans, manual and other technical information. But also to provide users with vulnerable spare parts, spare parts.
      2, for users to provide free installation, commissioning, technical training services.
      3, equipment, free warranty for one year (equipment, wearing parts and user damage caused by improper operation), after the expiration of the warranty, all spare parts according to the cost of supply.
      Quality aftermarket:
      After the machine shipped to the buyer, the buyer is ready to test machine materials, our master then arrived at the buyer factory to test machine training and training until the buyer mastered the machine operating equipment, after the machine what is the problem, we will give a solution, Our aim is to serve the first, quality first, hope to cooperate with our customers, and common development!     

Our company free warranty for one year, life-long technical support, not a year later regardless.
      My company equipment, such as failure, in principle, is a small problem on the phone can solve the phone as much as possible to solve the communication, such as large failure they can not solve our home repair, regardless of distance.     

(if the technical problems can not operate the machine, we come to the door of the service travel by the customer pay; if the machine is free maintenance and replacement parts)     


      Service commitment     

After-sales service commitment
      Free warranty period of service commitment:
      Electrical: free warranty for 1 year, life-long maintenance
      Switch: free warranty for 1 year, life-long maintenance
      Entire entity: free warranty 1 year, life-long maintenance
      Shelf life service commitment time commitment: (telephone communication can not be resolved, the warranty period door service)
      City: 5 hours to the scene
      Suburb: 12 hours to the scene
      Cross-market: 48 hours to the scene or must send commissioners.
      Other provinces: 60 hours to the scene or must send commissioners     

Sign the contract will be based on different products in the contract has a detailed warranty agreement to be agreed in the contract shall prevail     

All our inspiration comes from the user, we in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing and sales of each innovation are inseparable from the user valuable advice and advice, the user is our design, manufacture of the beacon, is our driving force, the user Is our best teacher, respect, care about our customers is our obligation, we will be hundreds of efforts to serve customers!
      Ruian Hongqi Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. after-sales service purposes - the user first, our after-sales service work throughout the design, manufacture, delivery, acceptance, installation, commissioning, use, warranty period after the maintenance of the whole process!
      one. Machine Manufacturing Service Commitment
      After the signing of the contract, according to the customer to provide the finished product and the factory to provide the machine configuration parameters for the factory standard acceptance.
      1. If the customer selected (mechanical equipment) we will arrange the production, regularly notify the customer production schedule.
      2. If the customer selected product parameters for the non-standard products, we will be redesigned according to customer parameters, manufacturing, testing until complete. Throughout the manufacturing process, customers can send technical staff to our manufacturing plant to monitor, inspect, test the contract manufacturing process, to ensure that the product delivery and product quality.
      3. In the production process if the customer made changes in mechanical equipment or add accessories, we are committed to actively cooperate with customers.
      two. Delivery, acceptance of service commitment
      1. 2 days before delivery to inform the customer, the proposed arrangements for customer acceptance of goods, lifting equipment, the best condition to determine a warehouse.
      2. We will send a professional staff to contact you need to be equipped with those items.
      3. Unloading must choose to stack the venue, if it is open piled up, the product must be good rain, moisture, anti-theft measures.
      4. Acceptance, please carefully check the number of goods to ensure that the product model, the number of contracted product models and the number of consistent, if omissions in a timely manner to take remedial measures, customer acceptance personnel to confirm the integrity of the packing information and visual product appearance quality.
      three. Installation, commissioning service commitment
      1. We will arrange the technical staff within 24 hours of receipt of the customer installation notice.
      2. Technical personnel according to the site conditions to develop equipment installation order, installation precautions.
      3. In the technical staff to the scene, the technical staff will be based on site conditions, to determine the commissioning program to guide customers to do the preparatory work before debugging; if the parameters and the specified value is different, we are committed to the fastest speed to find out the reasons.
      four. Service commitment during the warranty period       1. Service Specifications: We are committed to the use of the service staff to the scene, the language courtesy, kindness, more to see, think, less talk more work, if the sale of one of the above circumstances can complain;
      2. suits and suits do not speak bad attitude can complain;
      3. Speak objective reasons, talk about conditions, shirk responsibility can complain;
      4. Service is not standardized, rude attitude, and even disputes with customers can complain; Complaints Tel: 13806533968 Once checked the above services are not standardized after-sales staff we will seriously handle until the user recognized.
      Fives. Quality Processing Commitment
      Sales staff to the scene in time to determine the quality of the reasons, quickly give the solution to the problem, can be dealt with in a timely manner, can not be dealt with in a timely manner by the customer agree to take all the measures can be implemented to ensure the operation of equipment. If you need to replace spare parts or equipment, we are committed to unconditional replacement, shelf life all spare parts are free.
      six. After the warranty period of service commitment
      1. Free training: user operators can go to the factory to participate in maintenance, maintenance training.
      2. Regular return visit: We will provide users with life-long tracking service.
      3. Vulnerable Parts Supply: After the warranty period, spare parts only charge the cost, and long-term to the best price to provide accessories